Hymns about New Jerusalem

Here are excerpts from hymns about New Jerusalem, with links to their complete words and music and to the posts which include them. I will gradually add more. (latest: December 2018)

“…singing with grace in your hearts to God”
(Col. 3:16)

Drink! A river pure and clear that’s flowing from the throne;
Eat! The tree of life with fruits abundant, richly grown.
author M. C., composer unknown, words and music
This is in the post Living Water Flows to, in New Jerusalem (4)

From the throne of our God and the Lamb
Flows a river of water of life, Bright as crystal, reaching man.
author and composer Howard Higashi, words and music
This is in the post The Flow of Living Water is the Triune God

In the holiest place, touch the throne of grace,
Grace as a river shall flow
author Witness Lee, composer William Kirkpatrick, words and music
This is in the posts Come to the Throne, Now & New JerusalemCome Forward to the Throne of Grace

He comes, He comes, Christ comes to glorify me!
My body He’ll transfigure, like His own it then will be.
He comes, He comes, redemption to apply!
As Hope of glory He will come, His saints to glorify.
author Witness Lee, composer Alfred Ackley, words and music
This is in the posts Redemption unto New Jerusalem 1, 2, 3, 4

God’s eternal purpose Is to join with man,

’Tis the holy city, New Jerusalem;
With His saints God mingles, Makes His home with them.
author Witness Lee, composer M. Koch, words and music
This is in the posts Created in God’s Image for New JerusalemNew Jerusalem: God Mingled with ManAspects of New Jerusalem in Our Daily Life

Riches of Christ we should enjoy And then His fulness we will be;
Partaking of His very self, His testimony men will see.
author Witness Lee, composer Robert A. Schumann, words music
This is in the post Church, City Full of Christ to Express Christ

O the riches, O the riches, Christ my Savior has for me!
How unsearchable their measure, Yet my full reality!
author Witness Lee, composer John Robson Sweney (1837-1899), words music
This is in the post The Good News of the Riches of Christ

Enter the veil and go without the camp,
Taste heaven’s sweetness, thus the earth forsake
author Witness Lee, composer Claude Goudimel (1514-1572), words music
This is in the posts, Enter the Veil and Go Without the CampTaste Heaven’s SweetnessEnter the Veil, Come Forward to the Throne

Christ brings us to God’s house to dwell, 
The house enlarged the city is 
From Zion Christ will take the earth

Christ—house—the city—earth, we see;
Thus God’s great plan fulfilled will be.
O brothers, let us utterly
Be one with Him for this.
author unknown, composer Ira David Sankey, words and music
This is in the post Christ, God’s House, God’s City, the Earth and in prior posts of a series concluded and summarized in this post.

And I saw the holy city,
New Jerusalem,
Coming down out of heaven from God,
Prepared as a bride
Adorned for her husband,
Coming down out of heaven from God.
author and composer P.B., words and music

The New Jerusalem will consummate
With Christ, as Head, over all things to be
The Lamb enthroned—its unique centerpiece
Ruling and reigning for eternity.
author: M.M., composer: P.C., words and music
This is in the post New Jerusalem with Christ as the Head

Jesus is our lovely Bridegroom,
And our Bridegroom is with us!
Now our praying’s turned to praising
In His Presence glorious.
author: unknown, composer: John Robson Sweney, words and music
This is in the post Jesus is Our Lovely Bridegroom

God eternal has a purpose,
Formed in His eternal past.

God will have His corporate vessel,
All His glory to contain;
Lord, we’re wholly for Thy purpose
All Thy goal in us attain.
author: N. N., composer Annie Harrison, words and music
This is in the posts Built to be a Corporate Vessel of God’s GloryCreated and Saturated for New JerusalemBuilt Together in Life for New JerusalemGod’s Eternal Goal is New JerusalemGod’s Mercy and the Great Corporate Vessel

Pray to fellowship with Jesus,
Bathing in His countenance;
Saturated with His beauty,
Radiate His excellence.
author: Witness Lee, composer: Charles Converse, words music
This is in the posts New Jerusalem Radiates God’s ExcellenceSaturated with Him, Radiate His ExcellenceA Kingdom of Priests, Both Now and In New Jerusalem

Press on, press on toward the goal—
  The all-inclusive Christ.
To gain the prize of God’s high call,
  Press on, press on to Christ!
author: D. M., composer: Friedrich-Wilhelm Moller, words and music
This is in the post We Pursue toward the Goal to Gain Christ

A mighty flowing-out is God,
He flows throughout the ages.

And now the Spirit flows, Brings God where’er He goes.

And at the end the same, The river doth remain,
God in the Lamb doth flow, The tree prevails to grow,
And God flows on forever.
author: N. N., composer: Martin Luther, words and music
This is in the posts God’s Flow Brings Us to New Jerusalem and in Bread and Water Bring us to New Jerusalem

Christ is our coming Bridegroom;
We are the Church, His Bride,
Redeemed, regenerated,
The issue of His side,
In source, in life, in nature
And person fully one,
His counterpart forever,
The New Jerusalem.
author: B. F.    composer: P. C. and H. H.    words and music
This is the core of my post The Bible is a Romance
All posts about the romance of the Bible are here.

God has called us for His purpose,
His economy so glorious,
For which He was fully processed;
Consummated now is He!
As the Spirit, He indwells us;
As our God allotted portion,
Working out His full salvation,
Making us the same as He is.
__Oh, may a clear, controlling vision of
__The Lord’s economy direct my heart,
__And burn in me until my spirit’s wholly set afire!
__With spirit strong and active we’ll press on
__To consummate God’s goal—
__New Jerusalem, Hallelujah!
translated by unknown from Korean; author and composer unknown_words and music

He looked for a city and lived in a tent,
A pilgrim to glory right onward he went;
God’s promise his solace, so royal his birth,
No wonder he sought not the glories of earth.
author: Margaret E. Barber    composer: Henry Bishop    words and music
related posts: A Personal Testimony, Seeking and Longing for New Jerusalem, We Come Forward by Faith, We Have Come to the City

Drink! A river pure and clear that’s flowing from the throne;
Eat! The tree of life with fruits abundant, richly grown;
Look! No need of lamp nor sun nor moon to keep it bright, for
__Here there is no night!
author M.C.    traditional American melody arranged by H. Voss
words, music, testimonies
This is the core of my post Come, Drink a River Pure and Clear´´

Behold the New Jerusalem descends from God.
___The Triune God Himself in His intrinsic essence
Now consummately dwells in them and they in Him.
___Behold the New Jerusalem descends from God.
Illumined by the light of life they walk the way—
___Of life, and eat the tree of life and drink the river.
And thus enjoying God fore’er, they’re one with Him,
___As the very processed Triune God dispenses Himself to them.
author and composer unknown   words and music

In new heaven and new earth
__New Jerusalem lies;
Out of God it has its birth,
__With God’s radiance thrice.
__Lo, God’s image it doth bear,
__And God’s glory it doth share!
__And the Lord Himself is there
____In that city of God.
author: Witness Lee    composer: H. P. Danes    words

Father, through the blood of Jesus
__We possess Thy righteousness;
By Thy righteousness protected,
__None can shake our stedfastness.
Righteousness of Thine Thou mad’st us,
__None can ever us condemn;
We’ll forever testify this
__In the new Jerusalem.
author: Witness Lee    composer: Franz Joseph Haydn    words    music

New Jerusalem—the ultimate sign;
__The ultimate goal of God’s economy;
An incorp’ration, ’tis human-divine;
__Through deification, this building we’ll be.

In constitution, nothing physical;
__Fully organic and everything of life.
In reality, fully spiritual;
__In our living and work, at this we’ll arrive.
author and composer: E.C.    words and music

When in the new Jerusalem
__In mercy we will boast,
Thy wisdom will be known for aye
__Unto the uttermost.

__How deep and rich Thy wisdom is,
____O who can search and trace?
__Yet, Father God, in it we find
____Thy mercy and Thy grace!
author: Witness Lee    composer: Samuel Ward    words    music
Jerusalem, the ultimate,
__Of visions the totality;
The Triune God, tripartite man—
__A loving pair eternally—
As man yet God they coinhere,
__A mutual dwelling place to be;
God’s glory in humanity
__Shines forth in splendor radiantly!
author: Witness Lee   composer: Thomas Campbell    words and music
Now behold the greatest wonder—New Jerusalem descend!
She’s the building of the Triune God with man—a perfect blend!
She’s the Bride, prepared, adorned for Christ—of all God’s work, the end!
__The victory is won!

It’s the tabernacle of our God, His dwelling place with men;
In His holiness and glory He’s expressed through all of them.

“It is done!” O brothers, see it! See the New Jerusalem!
__The victory is won!
author unknown    composer: William Steffe    words and music

Glorious things of thee are spoken,
__Zion, city of our God;
God, whose word cannot be broken,
__Formed thee for his own abode.
On the Rock of Ages founded,
__What can shake thy sure repose?
With salvation’s walls surrounded,
__Thou mayst smile at all thy foes.
author: John Newton    composer: Franz Joseph Haydn    more here

How glorious, how bright it shines,
__The holy, new Jerusalem;
It is God’s dwelling place with man,
__The spotless bride of Christ, the Lamb.

The city has God’s image full,
__It rules for Him, the sovereign King,
Fulfilling His eternal plan,
__Complete content to Him to bring.
author: Witness Lee    composer: from Katholisches Gesangbuch, 1774
first published 1960s    words    music

Our goal—the holy city with the Lord,
It is our portion, ’tis where He’s adored;
Although our bodies still are living here,
Our spirits with our glorious Lord are there;
Our spirits with our glorious Lord are there.
author and composer unknown    words and music

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