Some Christian blogs

always rejoice – unceasingly pray

Andrea’s Nest (Andrea in California)

Andrea’s Scribbles (Andrea in South Africa)

Ark and Architecture (Merrill in Texas)

Bibles for America blog 

Clark’s Bible Blog: an outlet for Biblical appreciation and exhortation 

Come, See a Man (Leon in Texas)

A Crazy Lover of Jesus (Justin in California)

The Double Barrel (David-Anthony in Switzerland)

DROD’s Blog (David in Texas)

Each One Has (Christians in Texas)

Enjoying Christ with Christians on Campus (John-Paul in North Carolina)

A Fellow Partaker (Mercy in the Philippines)

Grace and Reality

Grace Given to Me for You (Matthew)

Having Life (Robbie in South Africa)

Holding to Truth in Love—Eph. 4:15 (Tom in California)

In All Things By Faith (Danielle in Texas)

Jess (Just) Taste and See (Jessie in British Columbia)

Laying Hold (Josiah in California)

Life and Peace (Ray in Boston)

Living Christ our Victory (James in Washington)

Lord, You Are (Pauline in Texas)

A Normal Believer in Christ (Stefan in London)

One Word Changes Everything (Paul)


Simply Katherine: A Christian on Campus (in Texas)

Things Received (1 Cor. 4:7)

Truth and Experience (Michael and Nathan)

Waves of Grace (Joseph)

We Are Vessels of Mercy (Evan in California)

Words of Truth and Life

Zion We Will Be (Tamil in India)

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  1. Hi brother Don,

    I just noticed you linked to me. Thanks!

    Much grace to you.


  2. Debra Creed

     /  August 12, 2015

    God has a heart’s desire and an eternal purpose; He wants to make Himself man and to make man God so that the two—God and man—may be the same in life, nature, and expression.


    • Phil. 2:13: “It is God who operates in you both the willing and the working for His good pleasure.” God’s working is for His desire, not for our comfort. His working, with our cooperation (v 12) opens the door for us to live Him so that He may be expressed.



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