Saturated with Him, Radiate His Excellence

New JerusalemWe are a kingdom of priests in position and we are becoming such in reality. The fullness of this priesthood will be New Jerusalem.

For this priesthood we have been redeemed and regenerated and we are being nourished. We cooperate by putting away the negative things and coming to the Lord together. By this we are built into a holy priesthood (1 Peter 1:20–2:5).

In contrast to those who rejected the Lord and disobeyed His word, by His mercy we believe and hence He is precious to us and we are His royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:6-10).

As the holy priesthood, our orientation is “coming to Him.” As the royal priesthood, our  orientation is to “tell out the virtues of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” This combination is expressed in the last verse of a song by Witness Lee (words music)

__Pray to fellowship with Jesus,
___Bathing in His countenance;
__Saturated with His beauty,
___Radiate His excellence.

As the holy priesthood we come to the Lord to be saturated with Him and as the royal priesthood we go forth to radiate His excellence. These two facets of the life of the priesthood are seen in Moses, whose face shone as a result of spending forty days with the Lord and absorbing His speaking (Exodus 34:28-29).

These two facets of the priesthood will continue eternally in New Jerusalem. We will be the priests seeing His face and absorbing the water of the river of life (Revelation 22:3-4, 1). We will also be the constituents of New Jerusalem which will shine with the glory of God (Revelation 21:10-11).

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