Growth and Maturity for New Jerusalem (2)

The garden of Eden was God’s beginning with man. Since it was a beginning, no growth was required. New Jerusalem is God’s conclusion, God’s final step with man, and the city requires maturity.

To be in the garden of Eden did not require the growth in life. Once man was created, he was put in the garden of Eden….However, to be in the Paradise of the New Jerusalem requires our whole being—our spirit and soul with our body—to be prepared and completely transformed. It requires the growth and maturity in life so that we may participate in God’s eternal dwelling place.*

New JerusalemThe prior post quoted Colossians 1:28 and Ephesians 3:12-13 about God’s desire that we be full-grown, mature. The concluding words of 1 Corinthians exhort us “Watch, stand firm in the faith, be full-grown men, be strong” (16:13).

Philippians 3:7-15 presents a course to maturity. We need to see Jesus Christ to the extend that things which were gains to us, and even everything else, is counted as loss that we might gain Christ. Then we are “found in Him,” found living Him as our righteousness. Also, we seek to know Him and the power of His resurrection to be saved from self. And we forget things behind and stretch forward, pursuing toward full growth in Christ as our goal.

May the Lord stir in us this attitude and desire to forget everything else to grow in Christ to a maturity that matches New Jerusalem.

* The Way for a Christian to Mature in Life, chapter 3, Witness Lee, © LSM.

Photo courtesy of NASA.

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