The Lord and His Words: Faithful and True

Revelation 22:5 completes the description of New Jerusalem. The following verses are a conclusion to the whole of Revelation and to the whole Bible. Some of these verses are related to New Jerusalem. These will be touched in this and the following posts.

In verse 22:6 the angel said to John, “These words are faithful and true.” The words throughout Revelation are faithful and true because they are words of the Lord. In 1:5 He is “the faithful Witness,” in 3:14 He is “the faithful and true Witness,” and in 19:11 His New Jerusalemname is “Faithful and True.”

God and His Son are full of faithfulness. A song begins, “How faithful and trustworthy too, My Father God, art Thou. ” The chorus proclaims, “How stedfast is Thy faithfulness! For this I worship Thee; It is established in the heav’n, And ever stands for me.” The complete words and music.

As we experience the Lord Jesus as our life, His faithfulness and trueness get constituted into us. Then our living becomes the same as His. As examples, in Revelation 2:14 the Lord speaks about “Antipas, My witness, My faithful one” and in 17:14 those with the Lamb are “called and chosen and faithful.”

In New Jerusalem all God’s people will be 100% faithful and 100% true. And we can cooperate with the Lord to experience His faithfulness now.


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