We are God’s Living House

New JerusalemHebrews 3 presents Moses as a type of Christ. Verse 6 tells us “Christ was faithful as a Son over His [God’s] house, whose house we are if indeed we hold fast the boldness and the boast of hope firm to the end.”

This verse tells us, the believers in Jesus Christ, that we are the house of God. God’s house today is a living composi-tion of all the believers. Likewise New Jerusalem will be a living composition of all God’s people throughout the ages.

Hebrews 3:6, like many other verses in recent posts, is a strong demonstration that the house of God is not a physical building. Yes, physical buildings are very useful for Christians to gather in, but they are not the house of God. Christians collectively are the house of God; combined with God’s Old Testament people, we will be New Jerusalem.

God is living. We match Him as the living house while we “hold fast the boldness and the boast of hope firm to the end.” Our boldness and boast is who Christ is, what He has accomplished, what He is doing now, and what He will manifest in the future.

To hold our boast and hope is to hold Christ as our Head (Col. 2:19). By holding Him a rich supply flows out to His Body. This supply causes the Body’s growth unto maturity. The maturity of God’s living house will bring forth God’s living city, New Jerusalem.

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com.

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  1. Lydia

     /  January 19, 2016

    This very helpful website explaining the new Jerusalem easy to understand


  1. Enlargement from Here to New Jerusalem | New Jerusalem - the Consummation
  2. The Pillar of the Truth, unto New Jerusalem | New Jerusalem - the Consummation

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