God Grows in Us unto New Jerusalem

The prior post is about God dispensing Himself into us for New Jerusalem. Here “dispense” means to supply or impart into. When we believe, Jesus Christ enters into us; since He is God, His entering is God’s dispensing into us.

The New Jerusalem is the enlarged God (Gen. 1:1; Rev. 4:2-3; 21:10-11)….God is infinite and immutable, and thus He can neither increase nor decrease; He in Himself cannot become larger. Nevertheless, the expression the enlarged God is used because it is solidly based upon utterances found in God’s Word, such as, “He must increase” (John 3:30), and “grows with the growth of God” (Col. 2:19). Thus, although God in Himself does not increase or enlarge, once God in Christ enters into us, spontaneously there is the opportunity, need, and necessity for God to enlarge in us. This enlargement of God in us results in an expression of God in us, and this expression is the enlargement of God, the expression of the God who has been growing and increasing in us for His manifestation.*

New JerusalemGod being dispensed into us and God growing in us are not common expressions but they fit the revelation of the Bible. In 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 Paul mentions planting and watering but says that only God can give the growth. Why? Because God is the “element” which grows in the believers; only God can provide the growth of Himself.

Likewise, “all the Body…grows with the growth of God” (Col. 2:19). This growth comes from the rich supply flowing out from Christ the Head. Whether you use “growth” or “increase”, it refers to the expanding of God in us.

Christ in us will grow to full stature; that is, to a full expression of Himself in His Body. Eternally, this growth consummates in New Jerusalem. Even in New Jerusalem, God continues to dispense Himself to all His people by the river of life, the Spirit, flowing out of the throne (Rev. 22:1).

* Affirmation & Critique (A&C) is a Christian Journal published twice a year, © Living Stream Ministry. A&C presents Bible truths in a scholarly manner, with references to and citations from a variety of publications by authors over the entire Christian era. A&C exhibits much appreciation for the person and work of Jesus Christ and our life with Him. This group of my posts has short extracts from the article The New Jerusalem—the Consummation of the Divine Economy according to the High Peak of the Divine Revelation by Ron Kangas in the Fall 2010 issue.

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com.

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