Sing & Praise on the Way to New Jerusalem

When we are “carried away in spirit onto a great and high mountain” we see New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:9-10). To get to this point we must make a spiritual journey in our Christian life. This is portrayed by Israel’s journey from Egypt to Mt. Sinai.

The first three steps of our journey are asking for forgiveness of sins, receiving Christ as life, and being separated from the world by baptism in both water and the Spirit.

New JerusalemThe next step is to sing and praise the Lord for His victory and His kingdom, paralleling what Israel did in Exodus 15.

Then we need to experience something of the cross of Christ, changing our bitter circumstances into sweet; this brings us to the twelve springs of living water, the reality of the history in Exodus 15:22-27.

These two steps are recorded together in Exodus and are tied to one another in our experience. Often when our circumstances are difficult (typified by the bitter water in Exo. 15), we look at our situation and moan about being stuck in it. This does not sweeten anything.

But, we can praise the Lord! Through His death and resurrection, He won the universal victory. Peter told everyone that it is not possible for Him to be held by death (Acts 2:22-24). When we praise Him or when we sing songs extolling Him, we are delivered.

Our situation might not change, but we taste His sweetness in our singing and praising. This brings us onward to the wonderful experience of the springs of living water.

Here we have a few more steps in our Christian journey that prepare us and supply us to come to the high mountain to see New Jerusalem.

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  1. Rose Rowe-Taylor

     /  August 12, 2015

    It was for the New Jerusalem we were created, redeemed, regenerated and are being transformed and conformed into the glorious image of Christ. I am beginning to realise that even all my experiences should usher me into the foretaste of the reality of the New Jerusalem the mingling of God with man. Praising God for all things is a sure way of entering into such a sweet and wonderful experience right now here on earth.


    • Thank you sister Rose. Certainly we will be praising in New Jerusalem, so praising now is a good foretaste. Thank Him for the example in Exodus 15.


  2. Edgar Hovhannisyan

     /  August 13, 2015

    Amen! Sing! Praise!


  3. Grace

     /  August 28, 2015

    Amen, Sing, Praise, O what a supply! we can taste His sweetness in our singing &praising for through it we are brought onward and upward where we can touch the Source of this wonderful flowing River of water of life here on earth TODAY Praise the LORD O What a foretaste!


  4. Be filled in spirit singing and psalming to the Lord… And sing to be filled in spirit.


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