God’s Preparation for Those Who Love Him

New Jerusalem is the bride of Jesus Christ (Revelation 21:2). On one side God “has prepared a city” (Hebrews 11:16) and on the other side, the bride “has made herself ready” (Revelation 19:7). The two previous posts were on getting ready by loving our Bridegroom (one  two)

New JerusalemFirst Corinthians 2:9 speaks of “things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” New Jerusalem is the consummation of all the things God has prepared for His lovers.

These God-prepared things “eye has not seen and ear has not heard and which have not come up in man’s heart” (1 Corinthians 2:9); hence they are not natural or physical things which can be seen, heard, or imagined.

These things “God has revealed through the Spirit” (v. 10), whom we have received that we may know these things (v. 12). In this spiritual realm, the key to knowing is loving God.

To realize and participate in the deep and hidden things God has ordained and prepared for us requires us not only to believe in Him but also to love Him. To fear God, to worship God, and to believe in God (that is, to receive God) are all inadequate; to love Him is the indispensable requirement. To love God means to set our entire being — spirit, soul, and body, with the heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30) — absolutely on Him, that is, to let our entire being be occupied by Him and lost in Him, so that He becomes everything to us and we are one with Him practically in our daily life. In this way we have the closest and most intimate fellowship with God, and we are able to enter into His heart and apprehend all its secrets (Psa. 73:25; 25:14). Thus, we not only realize but also experience, enjoy, and fully participate in these deep and hidden things of God.*

Lord, draw me to love You supremely, to have my whole being occupied by You and lost in You.

Photo by Willem van Aken, courtesy of CSIRO Australia.

* Note 3 on 1 Cor. 2:9 in The Holy Bible, Recovery Version, published and © 2003 by LSM.

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  1. Fred Northrup

     /  April 14, 2015

    Whom having not seen, you love; into whom though not being Him at present, yet believing, you exult with joy that is unspeakable and full of glory. 1Peter 1:8 It is a wonder and a mystery that we believers love One whom we have not seen!


  2. Edgar Hovhannisyan

     /  April 15, 2015



  3. we read verse in the bible. I hear Christian’s everyday on the news reading verse from the Bible, the Old Testament not the New. Where are we today? As a body of Christian’s are we to only believe what the old Testament tells us or are we will in thought word and deed to live our lives as Jesus has told us through the New Testament.

    I don’t see much loving, caring, inclusion of peoples of the world as our savior had told us through the gospels. I am lost. I fear and I pray and pray each night and yet I receive no sight no reply. I read the scriptures and I get down on my knees and pray and I do not receive a reply.
    When I was a child I saw god so clearly. I prayed and was full of the holy spirit. I was so full of the spirit I could have burst!. As an adult I also prayed and believed and was married and had 4 children and went through a marriage of 35 years where I loved my husband and was a faithful wive and mother, and I probably did sinful things with my husband because I loved him, he had a great hold on me. I would have given my life for his. He was not faithful to me during our marriage but always came back to me.
    Then I had a dream. A dream where Jesus was on a bus. He actually was the bus driver and I was a passenger on the bus, and he stopped the bus and opened the door and he told me to get out of my seat and get off the bus. I had tears in my eyes as to why I was being told to get off the bus. I did as he said and I got off the bus. I awoke and was really disturbed by this dream. Then I discovered I had a cancer and it was cancer that I had earlier in my life coming back to me. And I fought it and I lived, then I suffered great maladies. I lost the house I lived in and worked for. My children all left us for their other lives, I because allergic to foods and medicines and had sores and hives all over me. When I left my home I moved into a farmhouse that was full of evil presences. I didn’t know it until I moved into it. My husband became silent of me. He isolated me. He never talked to me, and I was ill. I acted as if I was not there. I washed his clothes, I cooked his dinner and I tried to talk to him and love him and he was very cold. Then I thought I was going to die and during this time I prayed and I read the scriptures and I prayed and I because so ill as my heart was filling with fluid and he put me in the hospital and everyone thought I was going to die. But I didn’t. I came out of the hospital and knew my husband was again with another woman. He had meeting with my children to tell them he was going to leave me because he no longer loved me. This without my knowing. He had me stay with my mother while I recuperated from the last hospital visit and when I got home he left me. He took all the money out of the bank, took all the valuables and moved in with a woman who was 20 years younger than he. He abandoned me. I lived in this evil house and everyone abandoned me. One night I layed in bed with my dogs and I was awakened by the dogs growling, and low guttural growl and then I saw a green light and then I felt a cold hand come through my chest and grab my heart all the time the dogs were growling and barking and then it stopped and I was left afraid. So I said the 23rd Pslam and took my bible and put it on my chest and cried and was afraid. I lived alone in that house without much food,
    hardly any heat in a winter that was 10 below zero, without friends or family, just my dogs, sick, with sores on my body and fear in my heart. The pain was terrible. Of course my Family who lived far away from me got me a lawyer for a divorce. and in the divorce I was compensated so I could live. After the divorce I sold the house and I was getting ready to move into an apartment, but I had to give up my dogs, who were such wonderful creatures during this time, it just about killed me as they were my family. I then had a stroke. And I could not talk or write and was put in the hospital again. I moved into an apartment to get better, But my family was nuked. Brothrer and Sister hardly see each other. Daughter who
    hates her father. A son who is trying to be friends with both father and mother, and at first no one called me or visited me and I was truly alone. Each day and night prayed for forgiveness for my sins, Each night I confessed my sins, and I read the scriptures and I am still in such pain. I want to fell the love of God just like I did when I was a child but I am an adult and I am sinful and he told me to get off the Bus. I believe maybe I have been banished . He said to get off the bus and my life became agony. And I live alone in agony with pain and disease and a heart that will not heal. Please someone who truly loves God and knows him please help me.
    I have gone to church for guidance, I am trying this because the internet is suppose to be for the world. Is there anyone out there who can guide me back in God’s graces? I do so believe in him the father the son and the hold spirit. The love and the forgiveness of sins.
    Please if anyone of you read this, my asking for help. Please help me.

    Peace be with you all

    A woman in crisis.


  4. Cindy, I am just reading your story now and if you are looking for someone to respond, Abba has placed it on my heart to reach out to you. Please send me an email for that is the best way to reach me just now. A.kraemer@sbcglobal.net. use all lower case.


  1. New Jerusalem is Prepared as a Bride | New Jerusalem - the Consummation

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