Do You See New Jerusalem in Exodus ??

Does the book of Exodus speak about New Jerusalem? Certainly the name New Jerusalem does not appear in Exodus. However, Exodus contains an excellent picture. Revelation 21:3 says of New Jerusalem

Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men

and verse 11 describes New Jerusalem as

Having the glory of God

Exodus ends with the tabernacle of God filled with the glory of God. The revelation of the tabernacle begins in Exodus 25. The construction begins in chapter 35 and in chapter 40 the tabernacle was assembled. The work was finished in verse 40:33, then verses 34 and 35 both say “the glory of Jehovah filled the tabernacle.”

Affoltern, Switzerland

Exodus is also full of pictures showing how we Christians arrive at New Jerusalem as the tabernacle filled with the glory of God. Briefly, the steps (and their symbols in Exodus) include:
• being redeemed by Christ our passover (the sacrificed lamb and blood on door posts)
• being saved out of the world (leaving Egypt)
• feeding on Christ as our living bread (manna)
• drinking the Spirit as our living water (water out of the smitten rock)
• receiving revelation (at Mt. Sinai)
• offering ourselves for the building (material things offered for the tabernacle)
• growing into Christ in all things (building of the tabernacle)

Let’s thank the Lord for His redemption and salvation, give ourselves for more nourishment and revelation from Him, and ask Him to grow in us daily. This is our path to the eternal tabernacle, New Jerusalem.

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