Unsearchable, Immeasurable, Exhaustless

Recently in reading Ephesians two phrases about our present Christian life touched me as also being descriptive of New Jerusalem. The two phrases are

the unsearchable riches of Christ
the multifarious wisdom of God

In Ephesians 3:8 the unsearchable riches of Christ are announced as good news today. We should also look forward to such riches in New Jerusalem.

“Unsearchable” is a frequent translation in Ephesians 3:8 but boundless, endless, unfathomable, incalculable, immeasurable, exhaustless are used by other translators. All these words should impress us. How wonderful and bountiful are the riches of Christ! Even in eternity we will not exhaust these riches. We will never get tired or become bored with all that Christ is and has.

New JerusalemIn Ephesians 3:10 the multifarious wisdom of God is made known through the church today. We should also expect this wisdom to manifested by New Jerusalem.

Synonyms of “multifarious” in Ephesians 3:10 include manifold, multifaceted, infinite variety, innumerable aspects. God’s wisdom is beyond our comprehension! Nevertheless, in this age He is willing to enlighten us that we may see the economy (or household administration) of the mystery which has been hidden within Him and which was the reason for all of creation (3:9).

The riches of Christ and the wisdom of God far exceed our little needs and situations because these riches and this wisdom are for accomplishing God’s eternal purpose. Our problems will get solved while we participate in God’s purpose, which is much grander, much more marvelous than what we can conceive.

Praise Him for these unsearchable and unlimited riches. Praise Him for His infinite variety of wisdom. Both the riches and the wisdom will be fully manifested in New Jerusalem for our delight and to be appreciated by the whole universe.

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