Jesus Christ, the Holy One, Makes Us Holy

New JerusalemNew Jerusalem is the holy city (Revelation 21:2, 10) and it is the consummation of all the holiness in the Bible.

God brought the nation of Israel out of Egypt to be His holy nation. However, they did not remain with God in their hearts. Jeremiah 2:3 says, “Israel was holiness to Jehovah” and the whole chapter speaks of their failures. God’s answer was to promise a new covenant in Jeremiah 31.

The new covenant was prepared by the coming of Jesus Christ. He was “begotten of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 1:20) and was holy in His birth (Luke 1:35). He is “the Holy One” in His human living (John 6:69), in His death and resurrection (Acts 3:14), and in His ascension (Revelation 3:7). He is also God’s “holy Servant” (Acts 4:27).

In Psalm 16:10 David foretold that God would not allow His Holy One to see corruption. Peter applied this word to Jesus in Acts 2:27 and Paul applied this word to Jesus in Acts 13:35. Both spoke this concerning the resurrection of Jesus, that He was not left in the tomb. Both before and after death and resurrection Jesus is “the Holy One.”

In Jesus, the holy God came into humanity. This is a big step toward New Jerusalem. In resurrection He can become our life so that we may partake of His holiness. This prepares us to participate in the holy city Jerusalem.

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