God Has Prepared, We are Experiencing (2)

New JerusalemHebrews 11:16, speaking of Abraham and his descendants looking toward New Jerusalem, says God “has prepared a city for them.” If God has already prepared the city, why don’t we have any realization of it?

The answer has two parts. One is that God’s view is eternal (prior post), outside of our temporal limitations. The other is that we are gradually growing into what He has done. New Jerusalem has not yet been manifested, but we can grow into some realization of it now.

In regeneration we received the divine life and became children of God. Now we need to grow. As we grow we realize and experience more of what God has prepared and provided for us. Here are some paths for our growth:

• First Peter 2:2 tells us to “long for/desire the guileless milk of the word in order that by it you may grow unto salvation.” Longing/desiring indicate we should not be passive.
• Hebrews 5 and 1 Corinthians 3 also couple milk and solid food with spiritual growth.
• Colossians 1:5-10 speaks of the word of the truth of the gospel which causes us to know the grace of God in truth. This, coupled with prayer that we “may be filled with the full knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding”, results in our walking worthily, bearing fruit, and growing.

The main lesson here is that we have to come, with prayer, to the Bible for nourishment, not merely for knowledge. We should pray for increased spiritual hunger and increased spiritual thirst. Pray this chorus:
__Feed me, Lord Jesus, give me to drink,
____Fill all my hunger, quench all my thirst;
__Flood me with joy, be the strength of my life,
____Fill all my hunger, quench all my thirst.
Even better, pray all the words of this hymn (words, music).

Our spiritual eating and drinking will bring forth spiritual growth including an increased realization and appreciation of New Jerusalem.

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