New Jerusalem is a Living, Spiritual City

New Jerusalem is a living city. It is the eternal expansion of the house of the living God—a composition of the Triune God and all God’s people.

Ephesians 1:3 declares, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ.” All the New Testament blessings are spiritual, including our participation in God’s New Testament building (Ephesians 2:22) which consummates in New Jerusalem.

The blessings in Ephesians 1 are both spiritual and heavenly, and New Jerusalem is both spiritual and heavenly. One day the city will “come down out of heaven” (Revelation 21:2). From that time it will be on earth but it will still have the heavenly nature, not an earthly nature.

New JerusalemThe spiritual blessings in Ephesians 1 include:
• God’s choosing and predestinating us,
• Christ’s redemption and abounding grace,
• The Spirit’s sealing and pledging,
• God’s revealing of His will (His eternal purpose) and His giving us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.
All of these blessings are on the path to New Jerusalem.

God’s choosing and Christ’s redeeming were accomplished without any effort on our part. Now we need to receive forgiveness and grace, to cooperate with the Spirit’s operation in us, and to join in the prayer of verses 16-23 by asking for a spirit of wisdom and revelation and by asking for the eyes of our heart to be enlightened.

May we all see and experience more of our Lord Jesus Christ, more of the hope of God’s calling, more of the riches of God’s glory, and more of the surpassing greatness of God’s power toward us who believe. May our seeing extend from our current Christian life all the way to New Jerusalem.

Bible verses quoted in these posts are from The Holy Bible, Recovery Version, published and © by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim CA, 2003. The New Testament of this Bible, with its outlines, footnotes, and cross-references, may be viewed at; this too is © by Living Stream Ministry.

Photo of Venus (upper right) crossing the sun, courtesy of NASA.

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