May the Glorious City Appear on the Earth !

A few days ago I was singing a song (words music) which begins
__Freed from self and Adam’s nature,
____Lord, I would be built by Thee
__With the saints into Thy temple,
____Where Thy glory we shall see.
In Jesus Christ we can experience the freedom from self and we can be built together with other Christians into God’s house, the temple. The more we are built together, the more His glory will be expressed. The ultimate stage of being freed from Adam, the ultimate stage of being built together, and the ultimate stage of glory is New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem “has the glory of God” (Revelation 21:11). The city is not merely in the glory but rather glory is a characteristic of the city.

New JerusalemVerse 2 of this song speaks of the Lord’s life and its flowing. This life is the source of the building, even as the building materials came out of the river of life in Genesis 2. Verse 3 touches Ephesians 4:15-16—we grow and are knit/built together by holding Christ the Head.

Verse 4 touches Ephesians 3:16-19—Paul prayed (and we too can daily pray) for strengthening by the Spirit into our inner man. Thus Christ makes home in us, we know His surpassing love and His immeasurable riches, and we are filled unto all the fulness of God. The utmost of all these experiences is New Jerusalem.

Verse 5 helps us to express our longing in simple prayer to the Lord: in God’s house and in Your Body I long to be builded. The result is that God’s glory will be seen by all. May the conclusion of this song become our longing:
__That Thy Bride, the glorious city,
____May appear upon the earth,
__As a lampstand brightly beaming
____To express to all Thy worth.

New Jerusalem is the Bride of Christ (Revelation 21:2), it is the glorious city (21:11), and it is the brightly beaming lampstand (21:23). Lord, fill us with the longing for New Jerusalem to appear on the earth!

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