New Jerusalem is the Consummation of Everything Positive in the Bible

You might notice a slight change in the heading of my blog. The main heading is still “New Jerusalem – A Biblical View.” This is what I have endeavored to present for two and a half years and how I will continue to endeavor. The subtitle was about using verses through the whole Bible to illuminate New Jerusalem. Although the words have changed, this will still be the emphasis of this blog.

The new subtitle is “New Jerusalem is the Consummation of Everything Positive in the Bible.” However, this is not a change in focus, for more than two years ago a post said:

New Jerusalem is the consummation of the believers’ present experience. The city does not appear at the end of time as something distinct from what has happened before. Instead, it is a completion of what God is doing among His people throughout all the ages.

New Jerusalem

Here are some important topics in the Bible and their consummation in New Jerusalem:

God: the Bible is God’s word and the revelation of God. God is present from the first chapter to the last chapter. In Revelation 21 New Jerusalem comes out of heaven from God, it is God’s tabernacle, it has the glory of God, and God is the temple. In Revelation 22 the throne of God is in New Jerusalem and God shines there.

Man: God created man for fulfilling His eternal purpose—for man to express God and to exercise authority for God. Revelation 21-22 show us that New Jerusalem—a living composition of God and His people—has God’s image by shining with His glory and has God’s authority with God on the throne and His people reigning with Him.

Life: God put man in front of the tree of life so that man could receive God as life and thereby fulfill His purpose. In the New Testament including New Jerusalem, Jesus Christ is the life received by man and lived out through man.

The following posts will continue. Please comment to suggest other important topics which have their consummation in New Jerusalem. Thanks.

Sunrise photo from International Space Station courtesy of NASA.

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