Christ Created a New Man for New Jerusalem

New JerusalemGod’s eternal purpose is focused on His relationship with mankind. For this God created man. Man fell, but God in Jesus Christ redeemed and formed a new man. This new man is the predecessor of New Jerusalem.

On the cross Jesus Christ created the new man (Ephesians 2:14-16). By believing and being baptized into Him, we put off the old man and have put on the new man. The old man is fallen in Adam; the new man is alive in Christ.

A multitude of Jews heard what Peter spoke in Acts 2:14-36. Many were pricked in their heart and asked what to do (v. 37). Peter instructed them to repent and be baptized (v. 38). The outcome of repentance and baptism was threefold: forgiveness of sins,  receiving the Holy Spirit, and being saved from that crooked generation (v. 38, 40).

This baptism is not a ritual. Baptism has its visible, outward aspect with water but also has its invisible reality in Spirit. (read more about two aspects of baptism)

Those who received Peter’s word (indicating their believing) were baptized and were added to the 120 disciples who had been praying in the upper room (v. 41). To be “saved from the crooked generation” was to put off the old man and to be “added” was to put on the new man.

New Jerusalem is new, not old. It is composed of men who are the new man in Christ. New Jerusalem is also holy and pure; it has no connection to the crooked generation. Therefore, repentance, believing, and baptism are an important and necessary step toward New Jerusalem.

Photo of England by Toby Shelton.

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