Resurrection and Authority

New JerusalemIn New Jerusalem John saw “a river of water of life, bright as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb in the middle of its street. And on this side and on that side of the river was the tree of life, producing twelve fruits, yielding its fruit each month” (Revelation 22:1-2a).

The rich supply of life flows out of the throne. Authority is the source of life. Two prior posts touched several New Testament verses in which life and authority are coupled prior to New Jerusalem. Here is an Old Testament example:

A rebellion against Moses and Aaron is recorded in Numbers 16. In Numbers 17:1-10 God uses resurrection life to identify who has authority. Each tribe took a rod and wrote a name on it (v. 2-3). These rods were placed in the tent of meeting (v. 4, 7). The next day Moses retrieved the rods; the rod of Aaron “had budded; it even put forth buds and produced blossoms and bore ripe almonds” (v. 8).

This is a picture of resurrection life—buds, blossoms, and almonds came out of a dead rod! This was God’s declaration about the authority He had chosen. Authority in spiritual matters is not based on natural ability, ordination, position, boldness, an election, etc.; instead, we have authority to the extent resurrection is manifested through us.

Those who give heed to manifested resurrection will cease murmuring/rebelling and not die (v. 10). May the Lord turn our attention to resurrection! May we be those who long for and receive the flow of resurrection life from the throne now in order that we may have this wonderful foretaste of New Jerusalem.

Photo courtesy of U.S. National Park Service.

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