Living Water Rises by “Measuring”

In our journey along the river of life from Eden (Genesis 2:10) to New Jerusalem (Revelation 22:1-2), we are now in Ezekiel 47. Verses 3 to 5 present four measurings—”He measured a thousand cubits.” After each the water rose—“water that was to the ankles….water that was to the knees…. water that was to the loins….the water had risen, enough water to swim in, a river that could not be crossed.”

New JerusalemIf we want to enjoy a flow that is deeper, we need to be measured, that is, tested, examined, judged, and taken over by the Lord. Our motives, our intentions, our aims, our goals, our desires—all must be judged. Everything we possess and everything we are involved in must be judged. This will deepen the flow within us.

As we are judged by the Lord, we need to make a thorough confession. We need to allow the Lord to be our Judge and let Him bring us into His light and expose us. Then we should say to Him, “Lord, all that You have judged is now Yours. I ask You, Lord, to take me over, to take full possession of me.”

We may think that we have been fully taken over by the Lord, but after a period of time we will realize that we still have some reservation. Then we will be tested and judged again, and after this we will have a further consecration to the Lord, saying, “Lord, take this and possess it.”…Even after a number of years, we still may have not been fully possessed by the Lord, and thus we will again need to be measured, tested, judged, and possessed by Him.*

The deepening of the water went through four stages, showing us that one time of being judged and possessed by the Lord is sufficient. Rather, it is better that we often open to the Lord in prayer, asking Him to measure, test, judge, and possess anything in us that hinders His flowing.

The deepening of the water is not only for our enjoyment. It also satisfies God’s desire to spread life everywhere. Lord, measure me so that living water can flow more freely to everyone around me.

* These paragraphs are from Life-Study of Ezekiel, chapter 26, section 3. The Life-Study volumes are published and © by LSM; they may be read by selecting in this list.

Photo courtesy of U.S. National Park Service.

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