Follow the Lamb

New JerusalemRevelation 14 begins, “And I saw, and behold, the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him a hundred and forty-four thousand, having His name and the name of His Father written on their foreheads.”

Verse 3 tells us that those who are with the Lamb are singing a new song and verse 4 tells us, “These are they who follow the Lamb wherever He may go.” Eventually the Lamb will be in New Jerusalem. Since we desire to follow the Lamb, let us look at a few verses about following.

Revelation 14:3 mentions the Lamb’s followers singing a new song, so we could pray, Lord fill my heart with songs to You.

In Matthew 4:19-20, Peter and Andrew left their nets and followed the Lord. Most of us do not need to leave our occupation but we do need to be saved from what occupies our attention. The way to be saved is to be attracted by the Lord. This was Paul’s testimony in Philippians 3. In verse 8 he says, “I count all things to be loss on account of the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.” Lord, show me more of Your excellency.

In Matthew 16:24 Jesus said, “If anyone wants to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.” We need to drop our opinions, preferences, and desires in order to pick up the Lord’s. This is for His building of His church and for His kingdom (16:18-19). To deny ourself is to live in the reality of our crucifixion with Christ. We cannot do this by ourselves, but by His operation in us*.

In John 21:15-22 Jesus encouraged Peter to follow Him. This following is based on loving the Lord (v. 15-17), caring for His flock (v. 15-17), denying ourself (v. 18-19), and not comparing ourselves with other believers (v. 20-21). Since this sequence begins with love, let’s pray, Lord Jesus, please fill my heart with love for You every day.

* For example, see this note on Philippians 3:10 in The NT Recovery Version Online.

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  1. I appreciate your blog. Lots of good stuff here.
    Thank you and God Bless you.


  2. Thank you and God bless you.
    I welcome your comments or suggestions for New Jerusalem topics to write about.



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