We Partake of the Father’s Holiness

holy city, New JerusalemThe prior two posts are about “the holy city, New Jerusalem” (Revelation 21:2, 10). The city is holy because it is saturated with God’s holy nature. New Jerusalem is holy by participating in God’s holiness.

Hebrews 12:9-10 says, “We have had the fathers of our flesh as discipliners and we respected them; shall we not much more be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live? For they disciplined for a few days as it seemed good to them; but He, for what is profitable that we might partake of His holiness.”

The discipline comes through our environment, health, job, family, etc. Our heavenly Father disciplines us. However, Hebrews does not exhort us to be subject to the discipline but to be subject to the Father from whom the discipline comes. We should not complain about circumstances, neither should we strive to not complain. Rather, we open to our Father in prayer (Matthew 4:4). This could be a time of prayer set apart or it could be simple prayers (see related post) as we go about our daily routine.

The result of subjection to our Father in 12:9 is that we “live.” This is not to live our natural life but to live the life that is Christ in us, as in Colossians 3:4 and Philippians 1:21. The result of subjection to our Father in 12:10 is that we “partake of His holiness.” These two results are not separate. When we let Christ live through us, that is a holy life; when we partake of holiness, we are supplied to live Christ.

As we partake of the Father’s holiness, we are on the path to New Jerusalem and we are in the foretaste of this holy city.

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