The Holy City, New Jerusalem

In Revelation 15:4 the overcomers praise the Lord God Almighty, “O Lord…You alone are holy.” In this praise, only the Lord God is holy, yet in Revelation 21:2 (and v. 9-11) John tells us, “And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem…”

New Jerusalem

New Jerusalem is not holy apart from God. On the contrary, the city is holy because it is saturated with the holy God. Here is another excerpt from the book series Experiencing, Enjoying, and Expressing Christ (details here) by Witness Lee.

Holiness is the nature of God. Love reveals God’s heart, righteousness is God’s way, and holiness is God’s nature. Only God Himself is holy (15:4), for only God is separated and uniquely different from everything else. The New Jerusalem is a city that is absolutely saturated and mingled with God; therefore, it is absolutely holy. It is entirely different from all other things. Whenever we experience the mingling of God with us today, there is a real separation, a real holiness. In anything we do, if we have some experience of God in Christ being mingled with us, we experience holiness in that thing. Holiness signifies a separation from common things. The more we are mingled with God in Christ, the more we will be holy. We will be different and separated from all things common. To be holy means to have something of God mingled with us. Holiness is not a matter of action but a matter of nature; it is not a matter of what we do but of how much we have been mingled with God. Hebrews 12 says that God disciplines us that we might partake of His holiness (v. 10). This means that He disciplines us that we may partake of His nature by being mingled with Him. The New Jerusalem is absolutely and thoroughly mingled with God; therefore, it is the holy city.

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  1. Only God is holy, so for the New Jerusalem to be holy means that it is saturated with God. This is quite a revelation.


  2. Yes! Finally something about jesus help me.


  1. Experiencing the New Jerusalem as a City Representing the Kingdom of God Today — A Normal Believer in Christ

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