The Goal of God’s Judgements in Revelation

New JerusalemRevelation records many judgements on the earth and its inhabitants. These judgements include natural calamities and others which will be worse than any in past human history.

There are judgements in Revelation 6 resulting from the opening of the seven seals. More judgements are announced by the seven trumpets in chapters 8, 9 and 11. Still more in chapters 15–16 are due to the pouring out of God’s wrath with the seven bowls. Babylon is judged in Revelation 17–18 and the armies of antichrist are judged at Armageddon in the second half of chapter 19.

Among these judgements is the pleasant scene in Revelation 7. Here the Israelites are sealed for their preservation. In addition a great multitude (7:9-17) is standing before the throne and before the Lamb. This multitude is under the loving care of God and the Lamb.

Several aspects of this scene match New Jerusalem: the throne of God and the Lamb, God’s temple and tabernacle, the multitude serving God, the waters of life, and no more tears (because death and the related sicknesses and pains are no more).

These characteristics of the scene in Revelation 7 point toward New Jerusalem. This holy city, the focal point of new heaven and new earth, is the goal of everything in the Bible. The city is the goal of all God’s judgements. The judgements clean up the universe so that no Satan, no death, no rebellion, no unrighteousness, and no unholiness remain.

Yet, God’s goal is not to remove all the negative things. The goal of the Triune God is to be fully one with His chosen, redeemed, and glorified people. This oneness reaches its peak in Revelation 21, “the bride, the wife of the Lamb….the holy city, Jerusalem…having the glory of God.”

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