New Jerusalem: Night Will Be No More!

No Night in New JerusalemRevelation 22:5, speaking about New Jerusalem, declares “night will be no more.” This echos verse 21:25, “there will be no night there.”

In Matthew 4:16 darkness is related to death. In John 3:19 condemnation is upon men who love darkness due to their evil works. In John 11:10 those who walk in the night do not have Christ as their light. In Acts 26:18 darkness is related to the authority of Satan. In Ephesians 6:12 the rulers of darkness are spiritual forces of evil. In 1 Thessalonians 5:4-10, those who are drunken (physically or spiritually or both) and are not watching for the Lord are apart from salvation and subject to the wrath of God. In 1 John 1:5-10 darkness is related to sin and sins. In 1 John 2:11 whoever hates his brother is in darkness.

“No more night” means no more death, no more authority of Satan, no more evil spiritual forces, no more hatred or evil works. “No more night” means no shortage of Christ as our light of life. “No more night” means the spiritual warfare has ended and we praise Christ the Victor and sing exultingly, “the victory is won.”

“God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” New Jerusalem will have this same characteristic—light with no darkness. For more on this blessed condition, please look at:
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Photo from space of Ambae Island, Vanuatu (South Pacific), courtesy of NASA.

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