a pause, a request

My pause

I will take a short break from posting. I will resume not later than November 7.

My request

Please write a comment if you have any suggestion or question about New Jerusalem for me to touch in future posts.

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  1. David Kan

     /  November 1, 2012

    I think one interesting topic would be the notion of certainty. The New Jerusalem is a certainty. But how does that practically affect a Christian that lives in an uncertain world. For instance, next week is the US presidential election. How can the New Jerusalem be applied to that?


  2. Humanly, looking forward in time there is uncertainty. In contrast, New Jerusalem is a certainty and God in the Lamb on its throne is a certainty and the Spirit flowing out is a certainty. We need to come to this wonderful Trinity.
    Regarding the elections, we had a good time this week praying with Rev. 1:5,“Jesus Christ, the faithful Witness, the Firstborn of the dead, and the Ruler of the kings [and presidents and all elected & appointed officials] of the earth.” Also praying with Eph. 1:20-21 where God raised Christ and seated Him at His own right hand “Far above all rule and authority and power and lordship and every name that is named not only in this age [not only on this ballot] but also in that which is to come.”



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