The Apostles Have One Ministry

Revelation 21:14 tells us that, “the wall of the city [New Jerusalem] had twelve foundations, and on them the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.” Remember that Revelation is a book of spiritual signs and that New Jerusalem is the greatest and ultimate sign in the Bible. Therefore, we should not try to guess which twelve specific apostles are named on the foundations. That would be to consider “twelve” merely as a physical number. Instead, consider that “twelve” means not only lasting for eternity but also eternal fullness and perfection. Hence, the names on the foundations indicate the eternal outcome of the apostles’ ministry.

There have been many apostles through the church age, but they all have one ministry. Each one has “his portion of this ministry” (Acts 1:17, 25). This is the unique ministry of Christ as life for the building up of His Body. The apostles spoke in many places, in many ways, and at many times, yet the intrinsic element of all their ministry is Christ Himself as the life supply for the growth of all the members of the Body. This ministry of Christ builds the wall of New Jerusalem which separates us from common things (Revelation 21:27) and expresses the Triune God in and through us.

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