New Jerusalem is Eternal Perfection

The book of Revelation often includes the number seven and the number twelve. In the Bible, the number seven is used in regard to God’s operation in this age. In Revelation there are many positive “sevens:”
•    seven stars are the messengers of the churches (1:20)
•    seven lampstands are the seven churches (1:20)
•    seven lamps of fire are the seven Spirits of God (4:5)
•    the seven Spirits are the seven eyes of the Lamb (5:6)
•    a scroll sealed with seven seals (5:1)
•    seven angels with seven trumpets (8:2)
•    seven angels with seven bowls holding seven plagues (15:6-7)

These “sevens” are for God to develop His shining testimony (the stars and burning Spirits in the churches as shining lampstands), to complete this age (the events heralded by the scroll and trumpets), and to clear away negative things (some of the events plus the bowls with plagues). Through God’s operation in these three directions, He obtains His heart’s desire.

God’s desire, which involve “twelves,” includes twelve thousand Israelites sealed out of each of twelve tribes (7:1-8), one hundred forty-four thousand (twelve times twelve) firstfruits on the heavenly Mount Zion singing before His throne (14:1-5), and New Jerusalem with many twelves (ch. 21-22). The sealed Israelites and the firstfruits, along with others of God’s people, will be in New Jerusalem. There God will have His glorious testimony  and all negative things will be in the lake of fire. Hence, all the actions characterized by “sevens” will be completed; thus, there are no “sevens” associated with New Jerusalem. It is a city of eternal perfection characterized by “twelves.” O Lord, operate seven-fold on us now to perfect us for Your heart’s desire.

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