The Present Reality of New Jerusalem is in Spirit

Revelation 21:18, describing New Jerusalem, says “the city was pure gold, like clear glass.” Verse 21 says “the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.” The street matches the city. The divine nature, signified by gold, is the basic element of the city and of its street. In Mark 10:18 Jesus tells us, “No one is good except One—God.” In the same way we can say no one is pure except One—God. The city and its street are pure gold because God is the One with the pure nature.

Because both the city and the street have the pure divine nature, to walk on the street is to be in the city. When our daily life is according to the divine nature, we are in the present reality of New Jerusalem. This present reality of the city is here today in a hidden, spiritual way, even though the city has not yet been openly manifested. This is like the kingdom of God; it has not yet been openly manifested, nevertheless today “the kingdom of God is…in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14:17).

We are in the present spiritual reality of New Jerusalem when we are living in the divine nature. This divine nature is conveyed to us by God in Christ (where all the spiritual blessings are) and today He is with our spirit (2 Timothy 4:22). Thus, we are on the street of gold, in the city of gold, whenever our daily living (our working, driving, speaking, using the internet, shopping, eating, sleeping, etc.) is in spirit. Lord, draw us always to be with You in spirit.

A rich hymn related to living with the Lord in spirit is here, then click “view lyrics.”

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