The Reality of Revelation 21–22 Seen in Colossians

In New Jerusalem the Spirit as “a river of water of life” proceeds “out of the throne of God and of the Lamb in the middle of its street” (Revelation 22:1). The street of the city is “pure gold” (21:21) signifying the divine nature of God in Christ. Receiving the rich supply of life, submitting to the authority of the throne, and walking according to the divine nature are intertwined.

Although the wording in Revelation 21–22 is different, the spiritual reality is the same as in the foregoing books of the Bible. In Colossians 3:3 “our life is hidden with Christ in God” and in 3:4 Christ is “our life.” This corresponds to the river of water of life in Revelation. In Colossians 1:18, Christ “is the Head of the Body, the church” and in multiple verses He is the Lord. This is equivalent to the throne in Revelation. In Colossians 2:6 we are encouraged to walk in Christ Jesus the Lord. This is synonymous with walking on the street of gold.

This comparison of Colossians with Revelation shows that our present experience of Christ as our Life, our Head, and the realm for our walk match what will be in New Jerusalem. In nature the life, authority, and realm are the same; the difference is that everything will be richer and fuller in New Jerusalem.

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