Enjoying New Jerusalem Today

Here are two posts about the present Christian experience that will be consummated in New Jerusalem.

Today We Experience a Foretaste of New Jerusalem

We as believers are living the life of the New Jerusalem today! What we see in Revelation about New Jerusalem is our experience today—only on a smaller scale! In that day when we arrive at the ultimate consummation of the divine revelation, we will not be surprised because today we are experiencing the same thing! What will be in the New Jerusalem is an intensification and a consummation of our present experience!

The Triune God is Flowing to be Life to Us 

Throughout the whole Bible there is a line of the river of water of life, which typifies the flowing Triune God! It starts in Genesis and consummates in the river of water of life in the New Jerusalem, where the river of life flows from the throne and supplies the entire city of God! In this post are multiple verses where we can see the Triune God flowing as the river of water of life.

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