New Jerusalem is a Universal Married Couple

In Revelation 21:2 New Jerusalem is a bride prepared for her husband and in verses 9-10 New Jerusalem is the bride, the wife of the Lamb. This is a universal couple, a marriage of the Triune God and His people.

The first couple in the Bible is Adam and Eve. Adam is “a type of Him who was to come,” a picture, a prefigure of Christ (Romans 5:14). Since Adam is a type of Christ, is Eve merely a human being with no spiritual significance? Surely not. Ephesians 5:22-33 speaks of husbands and wives. Verse 32 says, “This mystery is great, but I speak with regard to Christ and the church.” Human couples are a picture of the great mystery, Christ and the church. According to Romans 5, Adam is a type of Christ, and in the light of Ephesians 5, Eve is a type of the church, the wife of Christ.

A full description of Eve as a type of the church is the subject of chapter 2 in Watchman Nee’s book, The Glorious Church, also available for online reading.

In Revelation 21:2 New Jerusalem is a bride prepared for her husband and in verse 3 New Jerusalem is the tabernacle of God. The bride is for Christ’s satisfaction and the tabernacle is for the Father’s dwelling. Although they are distinct in function, they are not separate. Both are the corporate composition of all God’s people. God’s redeemed people are the wife of the Lamb and mutually and coinherently dwelling with God as the tabernacle.

Today the New Testament believers are both the wife of Christ in Ephesians 5 and the house of God in 1 Timothy 3:15. Eternally, God’s Old Testament people together with His New Testament people will be the eternal wife and eternal tabernacle. The Triune God is the Husband of the universal couple and mutually dwelling with us as the tabernacle.

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